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    EYCA – European Youth Card Association, established in 1987, with the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, with the general office in Netherlands. Operates in 37 countries and 40 organizations, and connected with more than 4 million young people. EYCA Members – countries that help their youth by providing discounts on culture, education and other services.
    EYCA slogan is – “Saved money – earned money.”
    EYCA has the following advantages:
    Mobility of young people
    -It helps to understand the world, makes acquainted with other cultures, broadens the mind.
    In 37 European countries, in more than 80,000 objects, you can get discounts on services such as:
    During the trip, hotels and hostels, tours and excursions
    Transport: train, bus, air and water transport
    Shopping: books, sports, clothing and other
    -The restaurant: restaurants and cafes
    Services: insurance, customer care, guidance
    International partners of EYCA:
    • Council of Europe
    • The European Union
    • Direction of the European Union of Youth and Sports
    • The European Youth Forum
    In March 2010, an agreement was signed on the implementation of student cards in Azerbaijan. The official EYCA member in Azerbaijan became the Caspian Investment Centre.

    As a member of EYCA, the main mission of the Caspian Investment Centre provides the development of Azerbaijani youth of the 21st century. Caspian Investment Centre offers the EYCA card to all the citizens between the ages from 6 – to 30.